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Sorry. The XQuestion converter is no longer available. It has been replaced with the desktop application Question Writer


QTI is a specification used for describing questions and assessments. There are many authoring tools that output QTI XML, but XQuestion is easiest to use when used with the QTI output from Respondus. Be sure to use the 'IMS QTI Personality' on the start menu in Respondus.

Specifications - For Advanced Users

If you'd like to know more about QTI or intend to edit XQuesiton source to customize your assessments, the IMS QTI specifications are located here - This is the official source for QTI documentation. Start with the document, IMS Question & Test Interoperability QTILite Specification if you've not used QTI before. The QTI Lite specification contains everything you need to get multiple choice questions up and running.

There is also some XQuestion documentation available which goes into detail about which QTI elements are supported and how they should be used.

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