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Sorry. The XQuestion converter is no longer available. It has been replaced with the desktop application Question Writer

Structure of an XQuestion Source File

An XQuestion source file is a standard .zip file that contains some required resources. This file needs to be constructed in a particular way in order for the conversion to be successful. An XQuestion Source File can be converted into a SCORM package.

These are the main elements in a source file, and must exist at the root level of the zip archive.

i) test.xml - this must be present and should contain exactly one assessment.

ii) objectbank.xml - this is optional, but may contain items and sections which can be referenced from text.xml

iii) styles.xml - this is required and contains all the information about how an assessment is to be presented.

iv) fonts - this is a directory and should contain any fonts that you need to use in the assessment. The fonts can be True Type Fonts (.ttf) or can be contained within other flash files. Any flash files in this directory will be searched for fonts and these fonts will be used where appropriate.

v) resources - any other files, pictures, or flash files should be included in the zip file.

There are some examples of XQuestion source files together with the output that they produce.

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